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Unbound (2019)

To survive the anguish and drudgery of the Great Depression, folks did what they had to do to get by. In 1936, in a small rural town in western Ohio, a desperate stranger knocks on the door late one night. What he has to do upheaves the lives of two young boys.  Read an excerpt.

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Cover graphic 1-3 13x9 boys split fire s



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Unveiled (2018)

It's 1978, and, with only a hazy memory of the terrible incident which took place when she was four, thirteen-year-old Jodie has a nagging suspicion the version of the story she's been told all these years just doesn't add up. She sets out to solve the mystery while her mother does all she can to prevent Jodie and everyone else from unveiling the truth. Read an excerpt.

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Quiet (2011) - Honorable Mention in 2011 Writer's Digest Annual Contest in Memoir category.

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